2017 Google Search Optimization Trends to Prepare For

Just before the year ends, Forbes listed down the 7 top SEO Trends that dominated 2016 and has driven internet marketers to be more competitive. Trends like AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages which a language introduced by Google by the end of 2015 has forced marketers to make a move on changing their website’s mobile presence. Video Content has also garnered higher visibility as social media platforms became more integrated in improving their onsite video players. Long-form content with short sections together with Google Penguin 4.0 released has changed the game so much in SERP’s. Ranking updates that were never announced shook the experts as well. Snippets, giving away the quickest and shortest useful information has become a thing through mobile searching. And of course last but not the least is the revolution of keyword usage, with smart assistants on mobile devices, the use of general keywords has deteriorated greatly.

With these trends stated above, and 2017 approaching, a lot of SEO experts are listing down some pointers to prepare for in case drastic changes will happen. There are these top three Google search optimization trends to prepare for in the coming year.

Be more mindful about the users. Investigating and acknowledging the movement and how the audience want a website to respond to queries is something to look forward to in adding or changing SEO efforts. The use of analytics and proper optimization will still be a thing to recognize faults and what works.

Integration of Microformats for Rich Snippets. The growth of rich answers in SERP’s for particular keywords that deliberately asks have become exponential from 2014-2016. Experts are predicting that this will continue on, and that internet marketers and businesses who want to gain more exposure should quickly divert their content into more answer favorable content.

Increase of mobile search growth and voice search. As technology in smartphones and devices arise and with Siri, Google Assistant, Pixel, and Alice are changing the gears in searches have become more and more human. Five years ago, desktop searches still dominate the analytics. But with the continuous growth of mobile technology, searching for more related content became easier than ever and hopefully with the coming years.

2017 like any other years passed will have its own bombs of unexpected changes in terms of SEO. Internet marketers should never grow tired of moving forward and changing techniques to keep up. Change is always inevitable and it may be a bad or good change, SEO gurus have this unchangeable practice to always be positive and making sure to look at the brighter side. Opportunities for each trend should be sought after in a manner where great benefits yield. Bad effects are always considered temporary and are just a part of the learning curve that all internet marketers should experience and be prepared for. In this coming year, SEO experts are certain that their predictions will prevail and more surprises and changes from search engines are to be expected especially the big G and there is nothing better to do than prepare websites for it.

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