EasyCart has been in development since 1995 by one of the Nations top perl programmers. He also works for the 4th largest newspaper chain in the United States and became a “media star” because his newspaper site was one of the 1st to generate income on the Internet.


For this and his fine work the Gainesville Sun was awarded ‘Best Online Newspaper’ – in 1997 ( Small circulation) by the Newspaper Association of America.

We are often asked how we got into this business. In late ’96 we started looking for a shopping cart for a separate project. The search lasted to December ’97 when we found EasyCart. ( Back then the problem was not so much trying to figure out which shopping cart to choose – it was seemingly impossible to find one that worked! )

Finding EasyCart was like a warm bath on a cold day or a cool drink on a hot one. We had probably spent $15,000 on various software etc. since the early ’80’s and my experience was probably a lot like yours – most of the time we were just happy to get the software to do what we needed and often were quite disappointed.

The EasyCart experience was just the opposite – not only was it as simple to operate as we had hoped – but it continually soothed us with unexpected happy surprises. We were so taken with the product that we asked the original programmer, Craig Sims, if we could help him sell it. That was the start of our relationship with EasyCart.

Because of Mr. Sims newfound fame – resulting from winning the National Newspaper Association award – he was so sought after that he became too busy to handle all his responsibilities. At that point he decided to sell EasyCart – and we were the buyers. (Aug. 1998)

Since then we – with the help of Mr.. Sims and a new team of programmers – have continued to improve EasyCart and we are now enjoying some success. We look forward to working with you and continuing to compete in this exciting new Internet World.

Our team.

The EasyCart team has been together since the beginning. When you communicate with someone at EasyCart you are talking to someone who has set up hundreds of e-commerce sites. Not someone who was hired “yesterday”.

We are Here. / We are Committed.

Dan / System Administrator / Problem solver.

Dan’s job is to keep the whole system functioning smoothly and to integrate EasyCart with various Real Time Credit
Card Processing systems. There are probably very few people who have made more of these successful integrations
than Dan has!

Steve / Programmer / Customizations

Steve works exclusively with EasyCart. He has a ‘from the ground up’ understanding and if he is not working on various customizing projects is working on EasyCart improvements.

Contact Steve if you have any customization needs.


Mary / Executive Office Manager

Mary is the first you will talk to when calling EasyCart. She can also help with most EasyCart questions or will
direct you to the right person.



Mike / Sales / Coordinator

Ask for Mike if you are considering an EasyCart purchase. He has talked to thousands of people across the country
and around the World regarding e-commerce and has wide ranging expertise. His job is to make your job – Easy!

For 4 months he was the #1 expert at the Askme.com Ecommerce division – it became too time consuming. He is here for you.

I have to show off my woodwork.


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