Book of Ra – The Most Popular Online Casino Game of 2017

In 2017, we can expect to play many online casino games. However, Book of Ra is definetily going to be the most famous slot among all. Novoline is the manufacturer of this game and it can be played on any online casino machine which has the Novoline software installed on it. The success of this game is certain, as it has a very exciting theme and the player gets enthralled into the search of Book of Ra in ancient Egypt(wiki). The game offers an exciting combination of wild cards, slots, scatter and bandits. Although many competitive games have been trying to bring similar slots online for years, no one of them can be matched with the reputation of Book of Ra.

There are many variants of Book of Ra – online, free, without registration, and real money. The popularity of the game has led to the creation of the deluxe version as well.

Book of Ra Online Alternatives

As there are many online casinos, there are also many places to play Book of Ra online Its working is similar to any other casino games, but returns to the player are much higher. It is ideal for players who are looking to make an earning out of this. Availability of the game is no longer an issue as Novoline casinos are easily available. Many casinos have started offering freespins of Book of Ra to gain new players or customers. By simply registering online, one can get a lot of examples of the game. In fact, some casinos are also offering freespins for even the existing customers, thus allowing them to generate good returns. The players simply need to watch their new promotions and casino bonus offers.

Playing For Free

Playing Book of Ra for free is easy. It is ideally suited for the new players who are new to the game and don’t know the rules well. This version does not require any registration, as there is no real money involved. Here you can make use of the trials at slot machine and get to know the rules and various functionalities of the game. Some casinos also offer granted money or virtual money instead of real money for beginners. Playing it can also be fun, as there is no risk of real money and you can enjoy the experience of playing with money. There are many online casinos which claim to offer free slots initially but they are limited and later ask for registration which can be annoying. If you Google well, you can get genuine free Book of Ra options without any registration.

book of ra online game

Book of Ra with Real Money

Playing Book of Ra with real money is definitely more exciting than the free version. However, playing with real money needs registration and depositing an initial amount. It is always advisable to start playing with a small amount of money initially until you know the game well. Putting high stakes at the beginning can make you go bankrupt and you may need to buy extra money at some premiums from the casino. Moreover, when you register for the paid version, most casinos offer the welcome bonus which needs to be unlocked first. Unlike other casino games, like poker or roulette, one can unlock the bonus pretty quickly with Book of Ra. Even for the existing customers, some casinos offer reload bonus which needs to be claimed. However, the percentage of reload bonus is relatively low in the range of 25-75% when compared to the welcome bonus. Nonetheless, any bonus is always welcome while playing your favorite game of Book of Ra. Once you get going, Book of Ra not just gives a fun-filled time but also an opportunity to earn few dollars.