Easycart product entry – no HTML needed.
Web based.
Secure Online Operations – no need for SSL’s etc.
Advanced Encryption
Unlimited Number of Products
Search engine friendly (This can become very important over time. Most carts are databases that do not show on search engines.)
Four shipping methods to choose from.
Merchant Account/Gateway Integration
Automated Tax Calculations
Running Cart Total
Simple Search Utility
Multiple email notifications
Easy logo and image uploads.
Advanced customization features. Do it once and all categories are done.
Customize individual categories if needed.
Non price varying option lists to customize such things as product colors, sizes etc.
Price Varying Options to change pricing with various add ons.
Change colors and fonts at the click of a button.
Automatic link generation when creating new categories.
Discount table based on volume.
Percentage Coupon codes.
Coupon Codes – Flat Rate
Accept any currency
Category counters
Order Referral Program
Easily add text/customization in checkout areas.
Merchant Notification of Orders
Customer Notification of Orders
Inventory reduction.
Downloadable items.
Product personalization fields
Easily customize email receipts. (Customer and Merchant)
Separate Shipping and Billing Addresses
Keyword counters.
Hit counters for category pages.
Order summary
Customer summary
Product summary
Image library
PayPal Website Payments Pro or Standard.