How Ecommerce Works



1. The Domain Name Home Page. Typically this page will be something like (example). Many people already have a Domain Name Homepage when they begin to look for a shopping cart – this is good. If you do not presently have a registered Domain Name you may want to consider letting us handle this for you – we also offer Domain Name website hosting.

To acquire a Domain Name you/we need to register with the Internic at (If you like we can do this for you but you probably want to go there to see if the Domain Name you want is available.)

In either case you simply create links from your Domain Name home pages to your EasyCart and from your EasyCart to your Domain Name home pages. ( See tutorial )

2. A Merchant Account. The Merchant Account gives you the ability to take Credit Card information from your customers. There are many sites on the Internet where you can apply for a Merchant Account. Typically you pay from $0.00 – $400 to start this process. Ultimately the Merchant Account is issued through an Authorizing Bank. Click “Merchant Account” in the above menu for more information on how to acquire a Merchant Account through

Merchant Account rates are based on the type of business you operate. If you are a storefront and your customer hands you their credit card you qualify for the lowest rate (swipe rate). Typically about 1.59%. If you are a Mail Order / Telephone Order (MO/TO) company or Internet based you pay a higher rate. Typically about 2.39%.

If you already have a Merchant Account – we suggest you just use the one you have – just key in the transactions as you do now. After a few weeks or so you will have a better idea of whether you want to ‘upgrade’ to real time credit card processing..

Think of the Merchant Account as a Drivers License. Just because you have a Drivers License doesn’t mean you can drive. In order to drive you need a vehicle! Likewise – in order for you to use your Merchant Account you need a vehicle to move the information.

3. Online Shopping Cart software is an example of a vehicle to move Credit Card and ordering information. (This is a shopping cart company) Your customers can efficiently order 24 hours a day. Also a Shopping Cart eliminates some potential for error because there is only one human involved in the process – rather than two as in a telephone order. Online Shopping Cart software also increases your credibility on the Internet.

The Shopping Cart is a vehicle that enables you to; Get the ordering information from the customer; Verify via email to the customer that the order has been made; Deliver the notification and ordering information to the seller.

4. Transaction Device or Gateway Service is how you Deliver the money. Now that you have the customers money – (Credit Card information)- you need a place to deposit it. Your Bank! But you still have some choices to make. Are you going to walk in and place the transaction with the Teller? Are you going to drop it in the Night Deposit box? Are you going to utilize the bank’s Drive In option?

In the same manner you have to decide how you are going to deposit the ecommerce transaction into your bank account.

You have 2 basic choices.

If you are an existing business and have a transaction device already – you can just use that if you want.

Real Time Credit Processing. This is the service provided by companies such as AuthorizeNet. Using this method your Shopping Cart ‘hands off’ the credit card information to the Real Time Credit Processing company to complete the transaction. This takes place automatically while the customer is placing the order. Using this method the customer and the seller are notified as to whether the credit card account has sufficient funds to enable the transaction.