Online Casino Bonuses, A Worldwide Phenomenon

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Online casinos have been in the market for just more than a decade now. In the start this industry did not flourish at a pace the investors hoped it to but later on it has become a multi-billion dollar business. As the investors don’t have to buy a place and build something instead it is just a software so the risk factor is at minimum.

There are thousands of online casinos now and each one of them is fighting for customers. There must be something unique that could attract the users towards a specific online casino. That was the thinking behind free online casino bonuses. Giving the players a reward so that they come back to play again. As everything is virtual in online casinos so a good reward was to provide the players a fixed amount of money to gamble with.

An Amazing Idea

This idea took over the whole online casino industry. Every online casino started giving free online casino bonuses, free spins and free slots. The bonuses are not just for playing on certain week days but the users also get bonuses when they just sign up for playing, play regularly or recommend the casino to any one in their contact list. Free money is also in the favor of the house as the players try new games because they are not spending their money and most likely they lose. Once they lose they start spending more money to try to win and they lose more.

Now the online casinos have taken their hand of the bonuses because of the bonus abuse. There were a lot of cases where a single person had multiple accounts on various online casino platforms and he or she cashed out after getting the bonus. The online casino owners lost a lot of money because they had no such regulatory policies for these kind of users. Well now a number of policies and rules have been formulated and the free online casino bonuses are handled in a better way. There are many sites offering promotions to players.

Basically there are two types of online casino bonuses:

Match Bonuses

When you open an account on an online casino you get a match bonus. You do need to deposit some money and the platform would double the money as a bonus. In this way you would be able to play with double the money you have deposited in your account. There is an upper limit in this kind of bonus so that the people who want to double an amount like a million dollar can be stopped. In this way the system owners don’t have to risk a lot of money and they are able to attract new users. In addition to this everyday a lot of money comes in the system which obviously benefits the house.

No Deposit Bonuses

In this kind of bonuses you are given free money without any kind of deposit. It means that you need to just sign up on a platform and automatically a fixed amount of money would be deposited in your account so that you can play. You don’t have to deposit any amount and you can immediately start playing. You would even be able to withdraw your winning amount if you win while playing with this free money. These kind of bonuses are given to the users so that they are able to play without any risk. In this way these user are converted into permanent users of the system because they start enjoying this feel. Once the online casinos have a user hooked up to the system he or she is regularly offered free slots. Free spins etc. in order to keep him/her in the loop.


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